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Lucia means “Light”.
Light means knowledge and truth.
Where there is light, love shines forward in the world.

Photo by Jessica Brook Altman

My love affair with photography began at my mother’s knee, looking at the family albums she had lovingly created while listening to the stories of our history. Soon after that I gravitated to the wonderful magazines of my early youth: LOOK, LIFE, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST and such.

I got my first camera at the age of eight—a baby-blue Brownie Instamatic (which I still have) and my first road trip documentation was to the beaches of Baja California. Who knew I would go on to study anthropology?

Although I have not had extensive “formal” training, I have had fabulous teachers for whom I will be forever grateful. So, thank you to William Wertz , Jerry Burchfield, Mark Chamberlin, Jessica Brooke Altman, Cornelius Schorle, and my dear friend Felix Therin. And while I’m at it, thank you to Dan Jacobson and especially to John “Juke” Logan.

“My approach is to respect light, to be an admirer of light, a follower of light
rather than building light or making light.” Eduardo Serra---cinematographer

Copyright © (1978-2008) photo: Lucia/ Lucia D’Angelo. All Rights Reserved.